A ‘Show Me State’ after a lawsuit

by Andy Boyle.

One of my favorite newspapers is the Kansas City Star, and on Sunday they had an awesome story about their fights for some e-mails from the Missouri governor’s office. The paper, in conjunction with the Associated Press and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, eventually sued to get the records. Here’s the lede of the story, which you can read here:

ST. LOUIS | The release of thousands of e-mails from top officials in Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt’s administration appears to partially vindicate a disgraced staff lawyer who was fired last year.

Scott Eckersley’s rise and fall — and proof of his longstanding claim that he had warned the administration over e-mail secrecy — are documented in a cache of 60,166 pages of e-mails released to an unprecedented consortium of media organizations, including The Kansas City Star.

I highly recommend you read the rest of the story. After my own disagreements with the administration of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln about some public records, I’m happy that it didn’t get to this level.

This type of journalism is what needs to happen more in Nebraska. I’d like to see someone request the e-mails sent by some of our governor’s staff and see what the response is. Hopefully they won’t threaten to have you escorted out of the Capitol by security.