Don’t want to do excess work in Excel?

by Andy Boyle.

Then here’s your link:    http://cleanupdata.com/

This site is totally sweet. Instead of having to use update commands to trim fields and move them to new places (Like when you’re taking names and putting them into multiple fields), you just do it easily on this. Watch the tutorial and wait to have your mind blown.

So. Awesome. Use it now.

Here’s another awesome link a friend sent me recently: http://www.getdropbox.com/

To explain what it does, here’s a portion of a chat with a good friend after I sent it to her. The bold words mean I changed them to make this blog child safe:

friend: is this saying that if i have a file on this computeri can link another computer to mineand get stuff from it?

6:25 PM me: YES
friend: you’ve gotta be really kidding me
me: you can also share with friends
I’m not
friend: i’ve been waiting for this to happen
since high school