Looks like I graduated

by Andy Boyle.

My time in Lincoln is soon at an end. Today, sometime around 11 a.m., I received my diploma from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

In four days, I begin my drive to Florida to intern at the St. Petersburg Times. I’ll be working with the Web team, designing some Web applications, doing some traditional reporting and having a lot of fun. I look forward to it.

I look even more forward to whatever lays ahead in my life’s journey.

As I sit in my apartment on graduation day, I see the same thing I saw everyday: the Nebraska Capitol building. Waking up every morning (or sometimes afternoon) and seeing that beautiful building instills in me the importance of a working press. Journalism is important. Keeps people honest. Makes government work better.


That's what the State Capitol looks like out my window. I know: pretty sweet.

But the newspaper business model doesn’t work anymore.

That’s part of the beauty of my upcoming journey. I don’t know what’s in store, but I do know I’ll be doing whatever I can to make sure someone else is keeping an eye on the capitols, the city halls, the police stations and the schools.

If that means giving up writing stories to write code, then that’s my future.

And it’s going to be exciting.