This is funny.

by Andy Boyle.

So you should just click on this post and read it.



One comment on ‘This is funny.’

  1. I don’t get these. I get friend requests from the guy/girl who is friends with 50+ of my friends, but who I have no freaking clue if I know, if so how I know them, and if they are psycho or stupid or going to proselytize me or what.
    But I might know them, and leaving them hanging would be a real dick move (see latest South Park).
    So I created a list on Facebook called “Dunno” that basically restricts the members even more than a complete stranger would be, but lets me follow them so I have some chance of overcoming my brain damage and figuring out who they are. Not that it’s worked on the figuring out side, but on the keeping strangers at bay side, much win.

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