My first I-mostly-did-it web app

by Andy Boyle.

Hey folks. It’s been a month and a half since I launched a new web application, but I thought I’d post a link.

It’s called MyLawmaker, and it follows in the footsteps of NYTimes.com Represent by Derek Willis and Co., as well as The Oregonian’s YourGov by Mark Friesen. You pop in your address and it shows you your state senator and representative. You can then click on each person’s name and get more detailed biographical and contact information.

The direct link is http://projects.tampabay.com/mylawmaker

We did it under an immense deadline — the opening of the Florida legislative session. We had about 9 days to finish it, and somehow we did. I did the models, the views and the basic template stuff. Darla Cameron made it look awesome and helped with the maps. Lee Logan helped me with data entry (and he helped decide what fields we should use). Matt Waite and Jeremy Bowers assisted in some areas where we had no clue what we were doing (read: setting up the server awesomely and popping the polygons into Google maps). Thanks to everyone who helped, and thanks to our bosses for giving us some time to work on the project.

We’ve been swamped with other projects since launching it, but we’ve been working on an updated version. City councils and county commissions are next, as are some cosmetic changes. Woohoo!