So I’m still kind of fat, but less so

by Andy Boyle.

So, back at the end of August I posted about how I didn’t like that I was fat. And then I got a new job and moved into a house and life got busy. I didn’t do much about my fatness.

And I joined a gym a month ago. And I went to a few sessions with a trainer. We did not click, so I stopped going. Then I woke up one day and hated how I looked — that day being Sunday — and I decided I needed to do this. Therefore, I have.

So far this week I have worked out four days. Two days I lifted weights and did 30 minutes on a bike. One day I walked/ran 30 minutes around my neighborhood. And today I was on the bike for 45 minutes.

My home scale said 310 when I woke up last Sunday. It said 305 today after I got back from the gym. At work I’m trying to eat the healthier options from the cafeteria. I’m trying, dammit.

Next week I plan on lifting and doing cardio three days, then regular cardio for three. I shall rest Sundays. I can do this. I need to do this. I will do this.

That’s all.