Andy Boyle’s 8th Annual Prediction of Awesome Things

by Andy Boyle.

With 2010 behind us, I thought it was time for my 8th year of my “Prediction of Awesome Things” list of things that are awesome that I predict will happen in the field(s) of journalism(s). You all know the drill, so here goes.

10. A news organization will do something reprehensible, and everyone will write about it, angrily attacking it; Jack Schafer or Glenn Greenwald will defend it.

9. A professor at a school on the east coast will say you’re all idiots and you should listen to him more.

8. A well-known media outlet’s website will be redesigned with a new CMS and it will suck even more than before.

7. When the Pulitzers come out, at least five (5) people will write lengthy posts on how the Pulitzers don’t matter anymore because “X” or “Y” didn’t win or because “X” or “Y” did win.

6. Lots of journalism bloggers will blog about other journalism bloggers blogging about journalism blogging.

5. Synergies will be leveraged.

4. A major media organization will adopt a technology that was hip in 2004 and outdated by 2006 and then prance around, proclaiming how hip it is.

3. Lots of people will create Flash projects that crash your browser and aren’t really that great but hey, check it out, Flash!

2. Someone will launch an awesome new product that could probably help journalism and also make money but it will be ignored by anyone who makes decisions and die a quiet death 16 months later.

And my number one, most obvious prediction of awesome things:

1. Friendster will save journalism.