Use your awesome tech powers to help save journalism

by Andy Boyle.

In case no one has seen me posting this link recently, I thought I would post it again. Here’s now an updated list of 20+ web developer jobs open at newspapers.

If you’re a person who has these skill sets, you should really think about applying. Where else can you get to build awesome projects that will be most likely seen by hundreds of thousands of people (at some of these news organizations)? Where else will you build news applications that can do some good for the world? Where else can you jump in and try to help revive an entire industry?

Not many places. If you don’t have journalism experience, that’s cool. Most journalists didn’t have it either when they decided to become journalists, so I’m sure most places won’t mind. Odds are if you’ve worked in any sort of a web development environment that required you to have the skills necessary to do great work for a news company. Can you communicate well? Do you do agile development? Can someone tell you “we want these features” and you can do them? Yes?

Then you’ve got most of the skill sets needed to succeed at newspapers. Sure, you may have to deal with some bureaucracy just like any large company. And you may need to fight a bit to start using some newer technologies. But as many organizations have shown, you can succeed. You can make great changes. You can kick ass and take names.

We need you, folks. So start applying.