So I’m older now

by Andy Boyle.

I’m now 26. Many people have been this age, and many will be after it.

As I normally attempt to save this blog for journalism matters, I’m going to break form a little bit and write about myself. Or rather, I’m going to write about what I want to accomplish in the next year. So, here’s a list, as I hear the internet likes lists:

1. I want to get healthier. More importantly, I want to be able to run three miles at a time on a regular basis without any problem.

2. I want to go to more shows.

3. I want to open source a project from work.

4. I want to perform in front of people somehow. Perhaps on a regular basis. Whether it be musically, funnily, or whatever. I just want to do this. I miss it, and I’m realizing how much it used to make me happy.

5. I want to do more writing. Whether that means on my blog, tumblr, articles, whatever. I just need to do this.

So that’s that. I’m 26. These are my goals before I turn 27. I think I can do ‘em, right? Right. Feel free to offer advice and tips. I’m excited for this next year of my life. Things are quite swell, for the most part. I’m a lucky guy.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Just recently turned 26 as well. We share some goals. I play drums and I _believe_ you play guitar. Make of that what you will! Also, the show going thing, if nothing else, I’m always game for. Hit me up, man. Hope all’s well at The Globe.

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