So I’m older now

by Andy Boyle.

I’m now 26. Many people have been this age, and many will be after it.

As I normally attempt to save this blog for journalism matters, I’m going to break form a little bit and write about myself. Or rather, I’m going to write about what I want to accomplish in the next year. So, here’s a list, as I hear the internet likes lists:

1. I want to get healthier. More importantly, I want to be able to run three miles at a time on a regular basis without any problem.

2. I want to go to more shows.

3. I want to open source a project from work.

4. I want to perform in front of people somehow. Perhaps on a regular basis. Whether it be musically, funnily, or whatever. I just want to do this. I miss it, and I’m realizing how much it used to make me happy.

5. I want to do more writing. Whether that means on my blog, tumblr, articles, whatever. I just need to do this.

So that’s that. I’m 26. These are my goals before I turn 27. I think I can do ‘em, right? Right. Feel free to offer advice and tips. I’m excited for this next year of my life. Things are quite swell, for the most part. I’m a lucky guy.