2012 resolutions

by Andy Boyle.

As it’s a new year, it’s time to write some resolutions.

My only resolution last year was to get on stage and attempt to entertain people. I accomplished that goal in these last few months. So I thought expanding my resolutions to three would be doable. A few of these were inspired by the internet.

1. Spend a week eating like a vegan

2. Travel more

3. Buy the majority of my media — books, magazines, movies and television shows — in an electronic format

I once tried to eat vegetarian for a week but forgot on my second day while rushing from one assignment to another.

As for traveling, I don’t leave wherever I live that much. When I do it’s usually to visit my family in Nebraska. I want to take a vacation someday and go see the Pacific Northwest. Hopefully. I hear my beard can be used as currency up there.

And by looking around in my apartment, I own too many books, many of which I won’t read a second time. Same goes for movies. I’ve been going to the library more and I’ve almost finished the latest Steve Jobs biography on my iPad/iPhone, which has been a pleasant reading experience so far. But it’s a bit hefty and I want a product only for reading.

So, I ask you, dear reader: What’s the best device to buy that’s only for reading? I won’t use it to surf the web, check email or do anything else. I just want something that I can buy books with and read them. Let me know in the comments or yell at me at @andymboyle.