This is an artist's rendering of me on a napkin.

I’m a news applications developer at the Chicago Tribune. Previously I’ve worked for the Boston Globe and boston.com, The New York Times Regional Media Group in Tampa, Fla., and I was once a reporter and news technologist for The St. Petersburg Times. Instead of writing about crime and breaking news, now I code. Visit my new website, andyboyle.com, to find out more updated information about me.

My career’s touched a lot of areas: I’ve worked in radio, video, print and online. I’ve covered murders, elections, campaign finance, one alleged serial killer, cold cases, police shoot-outs, tornadoes that killed 181 people, a girl who sold lots of Girl Scout cookies and more. I’ve been interviewed on radio, television and in print. I’ve given talks and taught workshops at different conferences, including the Online News Association and the National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting.

But what can I do for you? How about spin up servers, develop data-driven news applications, crunch data, fight for public records, interview people, shoot video and photos, write voice overs and edit your copy, all the while dealing with different departments in a hectic newsroom. I’m well-versed enough to build projects in Django/Python, PHP, JavaScript, CSS/HTML, Java (JSTLs) and Ubuntu servers. I can cache with Varnish, version-control with Git and database (is that a verb?) with PostgreSQL and MySQL.

I can also sing if you make me.

Like what you see? You can check out my portfolio, peruse my resume or hit me up. Be sure to yell at me on the Twitter – @andymboyle – and tell me your favorite kind of burrito. Mine’s chicken.

In my free time I attempt stand-up comedy and improv.