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Andy Boyle writes words, tells jokes and makes the internet for NBC News Breaking News. This website is old. Go to andyboyle.com instead. Learn more

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My new site: andyboyle.com
So I finally made andyboyle.com a nice fancy portfolio website. It’s just some flat files created with Jekyll, and I dig that. You should go check it out. I’m going to be migrating content from andymboyle.com over there eventually, but for now, just check out andyboyle.com for all your Andy Boyle-related needs. Read more – ‘My new site: andyboyle.com’.
My 2013 Comedy ‘Accomplishments’
I did some stuff this year. Here it is, in listicle format or whatever Number of times I performed in front of people: At least 151 (My goal was 150 for the year) Number of times I’ve bombed so hard it made me want to quit: At least 10 Number of shows I was happy [...] Read more – ‘My 2013 Comedy ‘Accomplishments’’.
2013 Wrap-Up: Journalism Edition
Holy cow, 2013 is almost over and boy did I get a lot done this year. I thought I would write a quick blog post, trying to wrap up everything I did for my job at the Chicago Tribune, any open source projects I contributed to and counting the various talks I gave. So, here’s [...] Read more – ‘2013 Wrap-Up: Journalism Edition’.

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