Sometimes I make silly things on the internet. Here’s my attempts to catalog them. Some of these are quick one-off jokes I made, some are projects I left abandoned, whatever.

John Says // These are actual things my friend John has said in gchat conversations.

What Time Tebow Can’t Do // Inspired by a Wall Street Journal column.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Ladies // Inspired by my love for mankind.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas // Everyone needs help finding gifts.

Things That May Happen At The 2012 Oscars // I also get paid to make predictions (no I don’t).

Things To Do At NICAR 2012 // I couldn’t go and I wanted folks to have fun in my stead.

Taylor Martinez Is Your New Quarterback // I went to college at Nebraska and enjoy watching their footsball games.

Russell Wilson Doesn’t Recycle // Nebraska played Wisconsin and I made this website to taunt them. We lost because of this website.

Owl Or Swanson // An idea that went nowhere.